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Renewable Energy companies, including Solar Power, Wind Power, and the Utilities they serve have unique when it comes to their IT. Those challenges range from the ongoing expense of keeping Engineering and Design, SCADA, and IIoT systems up to date, always connected and secure. Tracking expensive engineering software licensing for Supervisory, Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) systems and other applications to ensure you are only paying for what you use.

Renewable Energy includes Remote Operational Control, Compliance, Permitting, Infrastructure, Regulatory, Environmental Assessment and more, all of which require specialized software and hardware to run their applications, but there are better ways! Virtualizing engineering and operational desktops and leveraging cloud solutions for engineers and plant management can be a viable option. Stop paying for expensive hardware and continual upgrades every few years and only pay for what you use. Allow your engineers and operators to run their applications on any device, from anywhere! Virtualizing your environment allows you to hire engineers and operators all over the country! Have them work remotely on environmental assessment and compliance projects with ease and collaboration.

This is where Waypoint IT managed services come in.

A trustworthy IT managed service allow you to outsource all your IT functions to a third-party knowledgeable IT company. But not all IT Managed Service providers are the same. Some focus on the day-to-day, putting out the fires, but fail to look at your business and find solutions to enable your business to grow or be more productive.

At Waypoint, we take a holistic approach to managing your IT and we are your IT department, advising, planning, managing, and maintaining your IT to align with your business goals.  With technology, you can’t look at this week, next month or even this year. You must have a long-term strategy and take steps to get there. The strategy must enable your company to standardize your budget, create flexibility in your IT environment and provide the right tools and process to enable your business to succeed.

We know IT and follow the old motto to “Keep it Simple Stupid”. To not overcomplicate your technology, but just make it work for your business to streamline your costs.

We look at some of the basic business functions to see if there are better ways to:

  • Share Files and collaborate between teams.
  • Virtualize Engineering applications and desktops to run from anywhere on any device.
  • Leverage Cloud services where they make sense.
  • Work remotely – Always connected and always protected while working remote.
  • Communications: Creating Online Meetings with customers or working internally.
  • Business Continuity to ensure your IT is not putting your business at significant risk.
  • Secure company data and devices and ensure employees are trained.
  • Software Licensing: Ensure you are not overpaying for unused licenses.

Waypoint can Help with all things IT, including…

  • Assess existing IT environment and create a long-term roadmap.
  • Identify problem areas and reduce downtime.
  • Manage Software Licenses to keep from wasting money on unused licenses and subscriptions.
  • Data Protection – Ensure your data is backed up offsite.
  • Implement Cybersecurity standards.

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